International researchers -from the Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, and Spain- work alongside one another to produce an app that increases physical and emotional nicely-remaining in clients with sort 1 diabetes mellitus (T1D). The result will be the application ‘MyDiaMate’, a self-administration assistance tool to strengthen psychological overall health in grown ups dwelling with this condition, looking for to increase their high quality of lifetime.

The University of Malaga is in charge of top this venture in Spain. Specifically, Professor María Teresa Anarte of the Division of Identity, Assessment and Psychological Procedure will coordinate the research, in collaboration with scientists at the Regional College Clinic of Malaga (HRU) and IBIMA-Plataforma BIONAND.

“This disorder involves a different lifestyle for these who undergo from it, with improvements in their routines that power them to be generally warn”, describes the Professor at the UMA Faculty of Psychology and Logopedics, which works by using the phrase “distress” to refer to the fatigue and anxiousness that diabetic issues self-care results in in patients.


Men and women with diabetic issues are twice as probably to go through from despair. This makes psychological assistance critical for these patients.”


Professor María Teresa Anarte


Determine efficiency

The last target of this job, which will be carried out more than the upcoming 4 a long time, is to establish the effectiveness of ‘MyDiaMate’ over time. For this goal, they have obtained an economic increase of 1 million euros from the JDRF, the main group in the earth that money study on this variety of diabetic issues.

One more function of this study is to verify the modifications in psychological well-being, the tiredness and the self-care functions of diabetic issues, as effectively as the glycemic manage and use of health expert services by participants, against standard treatment.

And finally, they will attempt to create a consumer profile, in buy to know who would benefit most from the application.

Scientific crew

This worldwide task is led by PhD Frank Snoek at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. In Malaga, coordinated by the Professor at the UMA María Teresa Anarte, the staff incorporates: Gabriel Olveira, Head of Endocrinology and Nutrition Assistance, and María Soledad Ruiz de Adana, coordinator of the Diabetic issues Device of the Endocrinology and Nourishment Support, each from the HRU of Malaga, as effectively as Mónica Carreira and Esperanza Varela, scientists at the University of Malaga.

The complete scientific staff is part of the “Endocrinology and Nourishment, Diabetic issues and Weight problems” analysis group of IBIMA-Plataforma BIONAND.


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