If you’re exploring different types of birth handle approaches, you could possibly know that finding one particular you jive with can take some trial and mistake. As you go, consider on the lookout into the birth manage implant, which is frequently referred to by the model name Nexplanon. It is a 1.6-inch plastic rod which is inserted beneath the pores and skin of your higher arm. It pumps out smaller quantities of progestin, a hormone that stops your ovaries from releasing eggs and thickens your cervical mucus so sperm simply cannot swim to the egg, to avoid being pregnant (99% of the time!) for at least three and up to 5 yrs. 

Like IUDs, the most important perk of Nexplanon is that it’s prolonged-lasting—once it is in your human body, you can kinda fail to remember about it. As wonderful as delivery manage products are, you want to try to remember to acquire one particular at the exact same time every single day. It sounds straightforward adequate, but an estimated 50% of individuals on the tablet forget to get it at the very least once a thirty day period, escalating their danger for unintended pregnancies.1  (As someone who unsuccessful miserably at using the capsule on a established program, I get it. No alarm or pillbox could help me adhere to my medication program.)  

With Nexplanon, you don’t have to do nearly anything apart from possessing the product implanted, then having it taken out or changed when it expires—or quicker if it’s not working for you. Jill Purdie, MD, a board-certified ob-gyn and medical director at Pediatrix Medical Team in Atlanta, Georgia, tells SELF that Nexplanon is one of the “the most effective reversible contraception [options] out there.” Mainly any one who (1) needs birth manage and (2) can tolerate a hormonal option is a excellent candidate for it, she adds.

As is the circumstance with any drug, there are potential side effects that could occur—we’ll get to individuals in a bit—but most persons do just wonderful immediately after they have the implant positioned. Here’s what to count on from the treatment to ascertain if you want to give Nexplanon a whirl.  

How the beginning control implant is positioned

The implantation procedure is rapid and only takes a several minutes. Dr. Purdie, who’s been carrying out the process for more than 15 yrs, breaks it down: First, an anesthetic will be employed to numb the space of your arm in which the product will go—which, by the way, is ordinarily the inside of of your non-dominant upper arm. Then it’s straight to insertion. The implant will previously be preloaded into an insertion machine, and your health care provider will push the tip of the machine into your pores and skin until finally the plastic tube is rooted into the layer of body fat just beneath the skin, clarifies Dr. Purdie. Then you are superior to go.

When you get to your appointment, your well being care supplier will walk you by this overall procedure, so if you have any concerns upfront, they can respond to them correct there and then. They’ll also do a urine test to make guaranteed you’re not expecting, Josie Urbina, MD, an ob-gyn and a advanced loved ones preparing specialist with the University of California, San Francisco, tells SELF. (You can get the implant placed suitable following acquiring an abortion or offering beginning). Then, it is on to the method. Once the implant’s in put, they’ll wrap your arm in bandages, go about what you can expect in the limited- and extensive-phrase, and mail you on your way. 

How you could possibly experience after having the start regulate implant

Your arm will continue being numb for an hour or two after the procedure, nevertheless you may start out to feel some ache and soreness a couple of hrs later when the anesthetic wears off. Some folks will acquire a little bit of bruising, says Dr. Purdie. The soreness shouldn’t be way too bothersome, but if it is, more than-the-counter agony medications like acetaminophen or ibuprofen—plus placing some ice on your arm—can help, claims Dr. Urbina.

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