June 19, 2024

Favorite Orgs for Essential Self-Efficacy Info

American Psychological Association (APA)

The APA is considered the leading organization for professional psychology, so you know you can trust their teaching tip sheet on self-efficacy. This one recaps the research on self-efficacy and goes into detail about how self-efficacy theory has been explored as a tool for preventing HIV.

Transforming Education

Aimed toward teachers, this toolkit has something for everyone, regardless of whether you’re in education. If you love a slide deck, you’ll want to scroll through the PowerPoint on self-efficacy, which hits all the high points (including why self-efficacy matters and how to boost it). If you’re all about animation, you can press play on the 4-minute video for their summary of self-efficacy.

Favorite Self-Efficacy Podcast

Strength Running Podcast

Episode 166 (“Dr. Amber Shipherd On Building Confidence, Self-Efficacy, And Positive Self-Talk”) digs into practical ways that runners can boost self-efficacy to improve performance. But honestly, the advice is so spot-on for so many situations that even nonrunners will be nodding along and taking notes.

Favorite Self-Efficacy Video

TEDx: ‘Why Self-Efficacy Matters’ by Mamie Morrow

Like all the best TEDx Talks, by the end of this one (which has 92k views), you’ll want to stand up and cheer. Educator Mamie Morrow, master of education, makes the case for the importance of self-efficacy, which she calls “the fuel that drives change.” Warning: It may leave you feeling inspired.

Favorite Book on Self-Efficacy

‘Self-Efficacy: The Exercise of Control’ by Albert Bandura

Written by the man himself, Albert Bandura (aka the psychologist who developed the theory of self-efficacy), this book is the best you can get on the subject. It’s no easy, breezy beach read, but for a deep dive into self-efficacy, it can’t be beat.

Favorite Self-Efficacy Planner

Ink+Volt Goal Planning Pad

Setting just-right goals is a terrific way to build self-efficacy, and we love how easy (and pretty) this planning pad makes what can be a frankly intimidating process. On a single sheet, you can nail down the goal you’re after, list specific steps to get there, brainstorm how you’ll deal with inevitable obstacles, and document encouraging messages for the inevitable challenges you’ll face. It’s an excellent resource for DIY self-efficacy support.

Favorite Resources for Finding Individual Self-Efficacy Support

Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP)

Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC for short) is a credential from AASP for master’s or doctoral-level experts who can help you build self-efficacy, says Shipherd. This database lets you search for CMPCs who can help you in sports, exercise, business, art, and other domains. You can also filter by location and specialization, which covers goals like managing burnout, stress management, and disability. We love that you can opt for in-person or online sessions and know that either way, you’re connecting with a trained professional committed to the science.


Traditional mental health therapy can go a long way toward building self-efficacy. With this free resource, you can plug in your location and select your preferred treatment approach to find a licensed therapist near you. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), in particular, shines a light on how your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are linked and can give you concrete strategies for shifting to a can-do attitude.


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