June 19, 2024

Melanie McNally, Psy.D., is a clinical psychologist, brain coach, and author of The Emotionally Intelligent Teen: Skills to Help You Deal with What You Feel, Build Stronger Relationships, and Boost Self-Confidence.

She has emerged as a leading voice in clinical psychology and teen mental health. With a deep commitment to guiding Gen Zers toward their most authentic selves, she offers insights and strategies tailored to the unique challenges faced by today’s youth. Dr. Melanie’s book The Emotionally Intelligent Teen: Skills to Help You Deal with What You Feel, Build Stronger Relationships, and Boost Self-Confidence will be released in December 2023 as a testament to her dedication and expertise.

The Emotionally Intelligent Teen promises to be a transformative guide for teens striving to navigate the emotional complexities of adolescence. Drawing upon her extensive clinical experience, Dr. Melanie crafts a narrative that speaks directly to the heart of today’s youth. The Emotionally Intelligent Teen delves into the essence of emotional intelligence, offering a blend of expert insights, real-life anecdotes and actionable strategies. It empowers teens to recognize, understand and effectively manage their emotions, fostering healthier relationships and bolstering self-confidence.

Beyond theoretical insights, Dr. Melanie’s approach in The Emotionally Intelligent Teen is comprehensive, addressing the multifaceted challenges teens face in today’s digital landscape – from the omnipresent pressures of social media to the intricacies of peer dynamics. The book emphasizes the importance of emotional self-awareness and delves into the art of self-regulation. Dr. Melanie provides teens with tools to identify and understand their feelings and manage and regulate these emotions in various situations effectively. Through practical exercises and actionable strategies, readers will learn to navigate their emotional responses, ensuring they react to life’s challenges with resilience, empathy and maturity.

Dr. Melanie’s journey in the mental health field began in 2005, with her focus intensifying towards the well-being of adolescents in 2013. Her unique 6-month brain coaching program combines her vast experience as a clinical psychologist, her in-depth knowledge of counseling and psychology, and her hands-on work with hundreds of tweens, teens and young adults. Recognized nationally for her expertise, Dr. Melanie has been invited to the White House to discuss the paramount importance of teen mental health.

Dr. Melanie’s personal story, marked by challenges from a young age, adds a layer of authenticity to her professional approach. Her narrative is relatable and inspiring, from her battles with anxiety to her transformation into a confident psychologist. She firmly believes in the transformative power of personal experiences and leverages her journey to motivate and empower her clients. Dr. Melanie’s mission is unwavering: to ensure every teen and young adult not only becomes the best version of themselves but a version they’re genuinely proud of. For more insights and methodologies and to embark on a transformative journey, please visit www.destination you.net.


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